Wake up. Americans, Canadians, Europeans…wake, the hell up! Give your head a shake. The dream is over, gone, done. You aren’t all that and a bag “o”chips anymore. It isn’t Obama’s fault – Bush left him with a sunken economy that ain’t going to be fixed anytime soon. Particularly with the generalized attitude of the West. Want it? Buy it. Put it on the credit card. Harper didn’t sink the Canadian economy; we can thank the Liberals and their stupid programs for that. Before that – Mulroney and NAFTA/free trade. Free for the Americans – we still have to pay.

How about paying people for having kids? Really?

Welfare with no pay back? Okay, that’s sound economic thinking. Here..take this money, it is free/gratis and don’t worry – you don’t have to ever pay it back. In fact, hell – we’ll throw in free dental care, cut rate prescriptions and housing just for you! Don’t worry; the middle class will keep you in Fritos and beer.

Nobody seemed to notice that the potholes on Easy Street weren’t getting fixed. Those potholes created more potholes and started to grow. We’re all in deep doo-doo. The mentality that the government would look after our affairs is laughable in its naiveté. No, not naiveté – stupidity, laziness, greed and financial immaturity. Governments do not look after the people; they look after themselves and theirs’.

Politicians don’t go into politics to benefit you or I. Politicians go into politics for the money, for the pensions, for the perks. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the people. Look up sociopath and what the dictionary should contain, are photos of politicians.

Countries are bankrupt but the politicians aren’t. Seems to me that their salaries should reflect the state of their constituents’ financial state – the state of their countries’ economies.

It is time to smarten up and act like grown-ups. Understand the basics of Economics 101 – if you can’t pay cash? Don’t buy it. Get rid of your debt. Your kids won’t collapse if they don’t have a cell phone or an IPhone. They won’t be forever scarred if they can’t shop at H & M for their clothes. Wal-Mart offers clothing at reasonable prices – if your kids object? Tough. Tell ’em to get a job and buy their own.

You work, you come home exhausted and the house is a mess? Your offspring are on the computer or watching DVD’s – maybe texting their little deposable thumbs off? Get them off their duffs and contribute to the running of the house. Texting, computers, gaming are all time luxuries. Best they learn this now. Responsibility is not a 4-letter word. You can’t be a good parent if you’re exhausted. Give your over-privileged little buttnuts a clue. Lawns do not mow themselves. Snow does not magically disappear. You don’t need to pay a landscaping company to have your damn grass cut. Kids need to be taught that nothing in this life is free.

You need to cut down on useless expenses. What happens if you go into your job only to find that your position is no longer viable to the company? Believe me, you aren’t immune. Those statistics of unemployed are made up of people who thought their job was secure. Do you have enough savings to pay all your debts for the next 6 months? If the answer is negative, then you need to get your head out of your ass and act like a responsible adult. Cut the fluff. Get rid of the internet, the cable or whatever else you don’t need to survive. Do it until you have the savings that can sustain you and your family. Pay off the credit card, cut the damn thing up.

So you’re tired after a long day at work and you don’t feel like cooking. Walk away from the take out menu. Don’t drop into the local restaurant or fast food joint. You simply can’t afford it; that $30 more or less, can buy groceries and add to the amount that you can pay your creditors.

Stop moaning about your lack of cash and do something about it. If the family vacation requires a credit card or money that can be used to pay off a creditor? Then? Don’t take the vacation – find something to do locally. On the cheap. Let the Jones’ go to Disney World, a beach resort or their cottage. It won’t be long before they find themselves in a dire situation – a foreclosure or a bailiff at the door, looking for money. The economy is sinking and sinking fast. You aren’t protected by anyone or anything. You need to protect yourself. Your politicians will be home with their families, in the bought and paid-for homes, collecting their pensions consisting of your tax dollars. They will never have a financial worry, while you may end up wondering where your next loaf of bread will be coming from. This isn’t scare tactics – it is cold, hard truth. The Yuppie days are long gone. Your kids will be lucky to find jobs, let alone jobs that will keep them in IPhones. A BComm holds about as much promise as a B.A. these days. “Do you want fries with that?” If the jobs aren’t there, the jobs aren’t there. No number of degrees will change that. In fact, in the coming years, those degrees may be something they will need to hide. Nobody wants to hire a waitress with a degree.

Get rid of the car with the monthly payments. Find a beater and keep it going until your debts are paid off, your savings are what you would require and then, save to buy a car with cash, not credit. Furniture on credit? You are a fool. Televisions, computers, all on credit? Then you truly are an idiot. You are the worst possible example of a parent for your kids. Irresponsible. Materialistic. Shallow and foolish.

The future is not bright. The future is very dark for the West and unless PEOPLE, not politicians change their attitudes, in very short order – they can look at this blog’s accompanying photo and envision themselves in it.


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2 responses to “WAKE UP, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!

  1. Can someone explain to me why, when normal Canadian citizens (read French Canadian) want PEACE AND QUIET, they always loose their battle to the NOISE MAKERS and PEACE DISTURBERS. But when the Jews of a certain Montreal district complain about noise on THEIR Jewish Holidays, they get a special law or by-law passed so that they can have peace and quiet on THEIR religious holidays???? What is so special about THEIR peace of mind and so insignificant about OUR peace of mind?????. Why is it that t is it always us, French Canadians, who suffer from other people’s noise that have to have THEIR rights respected ????? I really would like a lawyer or judge to explain to me why OTHER PEOPLE’S rights to make noise are more important than MY/OUR rights to peace and quiet?????

    • It is had to understand why the prisoners and murderers and such… seem to have rights, just as the addicts have rights to clean needles etc.. and a safe place to inject.. while many cannot find a doctor in Canada. Women have few rights,and cannot have surgery when they need it. Because some of the ruptures are caused by heavy lifting after having babies.. Women are treated very badly in north america. They are used and discarded.

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