Where Have You Been?

Seriously? Where have people been for the past 20 years? Perhaps walking away from Survivor and Lost re-runs would have been a plan. The following article was found in the Montreal Gazette this morning; the article itself is irrelevant to anyone with an actual hold on today’s reality. The comments are the thing. Head-shakers. Really? Do these people actually function in a modern society?

Here’s the link: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Does+border+deal+sacrifice+sovereignty/5406889/story.html

Read the story for a bit of a background and then? Read the comments.

These members of the tinfoil hat brigade are truly technological throwbacks. The US, the Canadian government, the Chinese – any government can monitor every single thing we do, from buying a pack of smokes, to filling out a prescription and beyond. The satellite capabilities available can monitor every tiny facet of our boring little lives. Our online activities are open maps to our personalities, no program can block the types of software that have been developed and are used by security agencies. Our cell phones have GPS’s – our cars have little black boxes. There are cameras everywhere, showing where we are headed and yes, even when we do a secretive scratch of a butt cheek.

US citizens have long had their medical records open to the scrutiny of insurance and government agencies. Canadians who believe their records to be sacrosanct are living in an alternate universe.

Selling our sovereignty? What sovereignty? The one that allowed the Americans to build files on Tommy Douglas, Pierre Trudeau, Rene Levesque? This was done easily and prior to the proliferation of highly developed security software that is in use and their far more advanced counterparts, being developed as I type this.

We have no sovereignty. It is a glamour, an illusion. Sovereignty is simply a bunch of letters, strung together to express a desire. If a government wants information on you? It would take seconds to have everything from your mother’s womb to your plans for that Caribbean vacation next year. They will know what meds you take, what restaurants you frequent and what fertilizer you buy for the garden. Nothing is “secret” or private.

So what? It is a fact of life. Governments have always abused their power over the populace. It isn’t a deep, dark secret. If you aren’t doing anything subversive, if you are not engaged in illegal activities? Who cares? If the government wishes to know what prescription meds I use? That’s their call – I don’t care. I really do not care. Mind you, all they need do is ask and I’ll tell ’em.

We all live in a fish bowl and we have lived in this manner for, at least, a couple of decades.

Are governments and security agencies immoral – unethical? No. They are things; they cannot be immoral or unethical. The people who are responsible for these agencies and even their minions, now THEY are unethical and immoral. You would probably hear the same excuse from them as has been voiced by enemies of humanity throughout the ages – “I was just following orders!” – “It is my job!” And to them, we could say – “And you had the right to say no. You had the right to walk away.” But money and power are the most seductive of forces, few people are able to resist. In a society based on the material, ethics and morals do not even make the top 10 most desirable list of human wants.

I digress as I’m prone to do; the point of this little exercise is to comment on the plain idiocy of complaining about losing sovereignty, invasion of personal privacy; it’s been done, it’s over…live with it or find a cave somewhere but as you would have to buy the land on which the cave sits, you will have to pay taxes on the land and the cave; the government will have your name, they’ll have your S.I.N number and that’s all they need really. Technology will do the rest, on their behalf.

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