Cowards, Human Spirit and 9/11

I like this one. It doesn’t dwell on the aircraft scenes. It cuts to the heart of it. The cowards responsible for 9/11 failed. They failed miserably. The tragedy is that in their useless attempt to strike fear into the Western world, they took innocent lives. I could pretty much guarantee that Allah ain’t handing them out any virgins. The taking of a life is as much a crime to true Muslims as it is to any other belief system. The few do not represent the whole. These idiots don’t represent Islam any more so than believing Jimmy Swaggart or Jim Jones are representative of all Christians. These men were insane. Somebody, somewhere took advantage of their insanity and that somebody, is now where he belongs – six feet under. Unfortunately, there are always those with a hunger for power to fill the gap.

With all that said, back to the original point of this post – the dismal failure of those men. They accomplished quite the opposite of their intent. They intended to strike fear, to have a continent brought to its knees. They caused none of that. What was brought to light was the insanity of these fanatics; what was brought to light was the appreciation all Westerners feel toward our freedom. We may criticize our governments but we are, at the same time, thankful that we have the freedom to criticize.

Yes, these animals took lives but the lives weren’t in vain. Everyone who lost their life is a key that opens our acknowledgement of our privilege. Everyone who lost their life reinforces the will of the Western world to ensure that this type of insanity is not allowed to proliferate.

I refuse to mourn on 9/11. Instead, I choose to remember those who lost their lives and celebrate the fact that these cowards desperately failed in their attempt to crush us. I will acknowledge and revel in my freedoms. My freedom to speak. My freedom to choose whatever belief system resonates to my life experience. I choose to revel in the small things as well – my choice of mate. My choice of what I will or will not wear. My choice of employment, my choice to live where I wish and how I wish. My freedom to write my blogs and read the blogs of others. I relish my freedom to disagree with politicians and my freedom to voice those criticisms.

I won’t mourn on 9/11 because that will be a small, albeit, very small victory to those who choose to celebrate the destruction. I won’t allow those cowards to sully the memory of those who died on that day by giving them the satisfaction of grief, loss. I will remember those people and be thankful for their memories. I will salute the unwitting sacrifices that they made. Their deaths remind me of this gift of freedom.

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