La Louisiane

This may seem like an odd place to have this sort of blog but I figure, if you live in Montreal or if you plan to visit the city? You can’t miss La Louisiane.

We have been going to this restaurant for a few years now; we reserve it for special occasions – our anniversary, a birthday or if we want to take special people out for a special meal. It isn’t that it is hugely expensive – it isn’t. It isn’t that it is a long distance from our house, it isn’t. It is just that this place never, ever disappoints. Ever. We want to keep it “special”, if that makes any sense. It’s like a secret that we share with the special people in our lives. To make La Lou a regular outing would take something away. Familiarity breeding contempt or something along those lines.

We took our eldest son and his wife out for dinner; an 1st wedding anniversary gift to the two of them and again, our dinner experience was first rate, from the drinks, to the appetizers to our main course. Our appetizers were outstanding, we ordered a plate of Hush Puppies, a plate of alligator and my daughter-in-law ordered guacamole with pita chips – out of this world. Our entrees were just as outstanding; our eldest had something called “Dinosaur Ribs” and the meat, I kid you not, simply glided off the bone – not dry in the least. He pronounced the ribs as excellent, the best he’s ever had.

Our daughter-in-law had the Shrimp Magnolia and loved it. My husband had the Cajun Combo and waxed ecstatic over it. I had the blackened fish of the day which turned out to be Tilapia. It was wonderful.

The atmosphere is so welcoming and conversation comes easy. I tell you, if you are in Montreal or you are going to be in the city for some reason – you have to try La Louisiane. Remember though, this is a restaurant that serves Cajun/Creole styled food and does have spice/bit to it. There is nothing bland about this restaurant; not the décor, not the atmosphere, not the staff and definitely not the food and drink.     Here’s the link – check it out for yourselves.

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