Age Of Horus and Society’s Demise

Social decline should be obvious to everyone with a mind that actually functions. It assaults the senses of everyone, every minute of every day. It is on the radio, the television, in magazines, newspapers and movies. It exposes itself on the internet via social networks, websites and blogs. It forms the conscious of our children, establishes their perception of right and wrong. The percentage of children, for example, farmed out to daycares when they are no more than 6 months old, begins the process of the destruction of social responsibility.

In the daycare setting, they are taught to conform, completely. Individuality is to be discouraged, youthful exuberance is medicated away and their minds dull, the sense of right and wrong begins its shift. Learning to love is stunted by virtue of where they spend their days and with whom. A child is not born to love his or her parents; it is something that grows with time and so generations of human beings are being created with an inability to connect at the most innocent and pure of levels – love. The opportunities presented by a parent actually raising their own offspring are and make no mistake, forever lost. The opportunity to instill values, morals and ethics do not exist or are foisted to paid caretakers who have neither the time nor the connection to instill these values and the lesson of learning to love.

We end up with what we are seeing now. Young people, many of whom, do not respect position or authority, that in and of itself is not a bad thing, if those in positions and in authority do not warrant respect but these young people are not able to discern who does and who does not deserve respect. There is little to no regard for the property of others. Anton Lavey would be so proud of these youngsters.

It is too late for them. You can’t teach these lessons at will – these lessons are learned as the child grows. Visible signs of this loss of generations are visible to the eye; look at the cities and the suburbs, the senseless destruction of private property through vandalism. The formation of gangs as young people try to find a place to belong, as they try to find this elusive thing called “family” that so often does not exist in their own homes. Family has been re-defined as two adults procreating and that is, too often where their sense of responsibility to their children ends. The material becomes the god of the household. Wants become paramount. The career is the only path and parenting is given, not only a backseat but far too often, relegated to the trunk or wheel well of that second vehicle.

Cell phones become the metaphorical and worthless umbilical cords of the modern parent. The ridiculous assumption of what is important takes precedence over duty. The want of satellite/cable television, the wide screen television, the computer, the laptop, the vacations, the dual vehicles, the shopping at the “correct” stores – all of which cost money and with only an elementary understanding of math, it is clear that without these material objects, the duty of parenting is affordable. Deciding not to buy in the “chic” suburb, perhaps choosing not to buy at all but live cheaply, live within the means and one parent can remain at home to step up to the plate of parental responsibility.

Crowley tells us that we are in the Age of Horus – the age of the child. Without guidance, the child quickly becomes savage and irresponsible. The child becomes brutal and sadistic; a universe unto him or herself where “I want and shall have!” rules their consciousness. It is already too late for many children brought into this world by self-serving, egotistical adults masquerading as parents. Is it possible to turn the tide, to turn the Age of Horus into one that epitomizes a time where child-like trust, love and empathy can be the way to the future? I doubt it. We need to be brought to ashes, I think, before the phoenix can rise to the power of an age.

The age of Horus is not a time of gentle change. It is a time of disruption, of annihilation, of loss and sorrow. We will not live to see its conclusion. What lies ahead is not an awakening but an explosion of unrest, of anger and frustration. Explosions caused in the search for inner peace, but the tools are unknown by generations. The only tools they know will be the toys of war, of violence. The only tools that these young generations understand are those that assault them, daily and far too many are becoming expert at the art of inhumanity, disrespect and avarice.

Our destinies are being written and directed by others. We have allowed this for so many centuries that it has become ingrained in our emotional/psychological make-up. We trust those in authority to do what is best for us. We look to them as pseudo-parents. Stop, look around and understand that this is true. We believe that in order to be happy we MUST buy that new television, that new car; we MUST dress to suit the whim of depraved and indifferent fashion designers. We MUST give up our primary roles as parents to pursue careers in order to buy more televisions, more vehicles, pay so much more for our shelter than is necessary. We must farm out our children to the care of others. Others with no stake, no responsibility for the final product. We have given up ourselves, our fate and placed it, as a child would do, in the outstretched hand of authority that has not earned and constantly proves itself to be unworthy of our trust, let alone our fate and the fate of the children who follow behind us.

I don’t believe in the current popular theory of an awakening. There are far too many people who choose to somnambulate because it is easier. Far too many people who have traded quality of life for quantity of “things” because those who hold our fates, tell us that this is the path to happiness, to fulfillment.

No. There is no future so bright we need to wear shades. The future is dark and we hold the candle in our hands but are unwilling to light the way.

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