Sheldon, Moral Compass and Social Decline

A contact of mine wrote on blog on a predicted “awakening.” ( I hope she is not offended by my skepticism. Apparently, this awakening will bring about a shift in the moral state of humanity and bring about the sinking of the elite. The proletariat, the great unwashed, we will find that love will be “the way.”

This was the pipe dream of the 60’s as well – Age of Aquarius, Make Love Not War, ad nauseum. Worked fine until the flower children found out that love doesn’t pay the rent or buy the stereo system required to play Bob Dylan. Money is very handy when your tummy is rumbling and you are hungry. The 60’s spawned, arguably, the most hated of generations, the Yuppie. Talk about your 360 degree shift in morality.

I work in the world of the proletariat and I can state that the moral compass of the masses has no magnetic needle. It simply points to the direction of “I want.” While the rich and powerful gain the headlines, like the hiring of a rock star for a single appearance at a birthday party – the price? $1 000,000.00 US, as women and children are dying in the Sudan for want of water and food, the masses are not morally superior as they run about lying, playing blame games, unable to spell social decline, much less understand how much a part of it they truly are.

This week has been an interesting study in psychological make-ups and social behaviours. Jennifer, my dear…I’m afraid that your predictions are the stuff that dreams are made of…wisps of hope, dissipating on the foul wind of social decline. Our society has become one where “I want” replaces any consideration for others, for our fellow human beings. A place where excuses and finger pointing allays personal responsibility. No. I see no awakening in our future; I see a continued downward spiral of morals and ethics.

There is right and there is wrong. Unfortunately, “wrong” is always the easier path, I find – of late – the wrong road is becoming so crowded, speed bumps should be installed.

One of my favourite television personalities, Jim Parsons, is rumoured to be engaged with a December wedding planned. Congratulations to Sheldon. Big Bang Theory is a favourite in the household, it is bright and new comedy. Sheldon is my personal favourite character. He reminds me of an old friend of ours, a man with a PhD in Chemistry. His name is Don. Well, we used to watch Don as he worked, tirelessly, on his thesis; midnight oil was given new meaning by Don’s work. It didn’t matter what time we woke up for that glass of water, 2:00 am, 4:00 am…there was Don, in his computer room, wearing his fingers to the bone. It was worth it – he attained that PhD. Don gave me a copy of his thesis to read…I couldn’t get through the first few pages. It may as well have been written in Greek for all that I understood. Don and his wife, Lyne are marvellously quirky individuals unlike the characters on Big Bang however, they are avid outdoors types – canoe camping in the wilds, hiking and all around nature types. They are aware of the world at large and can converse, with insight, on any topic. They have, since, moved away and we do so miss their company.

It was through them that I learned a closely guarded secret in the academic world…Don told me, when I was expressing envy at the number of my friends with Masters and PhD’s, a degree is not a measure of intelligence, in fact, some of the least intelligent people he knew held degrees and I have come to learn that he was absolutely right. Some of the most worldly, wise and intelligent people of my acquaintance do not have degree, do not sport an ostentatious ring proclaiming their legend, albeit a legend unto themselves…but struggle in the work-a-day world. In their version of the “Cheese Factory.” Some of the least honest and disagreeable folks, who have, unfortunately found themselves passing my way, hold that piece of paper. You learn just how meaningless that paper is in the grand scheme. It does not denote strength of character or moral fiber.

At any rate – congratulations again, to Jim Parsons; you make me laugh and laughter is so hard to come by, these days.

Over the decades, it has always been my secret dream to give it all up – to sell the house, move away – far away from society, from people. I’m not a people person. I don’t like people, in all honesty. I’m not a game player – I don’t have the personal time or desire to play. There are so many other things of more importance to take up my time. In my life, if I find someone has shown themselves to be immoral, dishonest or just generally stupid, I don’t bother with them. I simply put them on a list of things that do not exist in my world and afford them none of my time.

I find myself drawing on that dream more and more lately, just to get through the day. I come home from work, to the unbounded joy and affection of our furry companion, Chico and I proceed to manifest the dream. I dream there are no neighbours, no planes flying overhead, no absurd and ridiculous co-workers with whom I am forced to deal. There is simply my family. I erase the world around me. I would, in all honesty, even give up my computer to live somewhere, away from humanity. Away from the disagreeable auras that so many carry around with them.

In my faith system, there is the belief that some people are able to sense when someone is inherently good or inherently nasty-ass. I have a friend of impeccable character and intelligence, she “smells” people. I have another friend, a wife and mother, with her feet on the ground – she simply “senses” good people and bad. I “see” good and bad. It manifests as a translucent mask. The facial features but underneath and within my vision, the “true” face. Sometimes? It is terrifying. Those occasions, thankfully, are rare. I tend to absorb energies around me as well. This is disturbing and annoying. It can rob me of sleep. It can actually make me physically ill. Believe it or not, I really don’t care. Your belief or credulity is not my business, nor mine, yours. I know what I feel, I know what I see and I need not justify or prove it to anyone. It is simply a part of my life. Make no mistake, it isn’t a positive part. It is nothing to envy or for something to wish you had; it is disturbing and can interfere, greatly, in your enjoyment of an event, or just day to day living.

I have the ability to tell when someone is lying. I can feel it. Regardless of how accomplished they feel that they are in the art of the lie. I gave up calling people on lies decades ago. There’s really no point. A man I knew, very well, told me that if he were caught in a lie, he would continue to deny it until the other person either questioned their own sanity or gave up trying to get the truth. That stayed with me and I came to understand truer words couldn’t have been spoken. So, go ahead, lie to me – think that you are keeping things from me, if that’s what gets you through the night. Fact is, I know you are lying, I know you are keeping things from me but you know what? It just isn’t worth the effort. We all have our path to walk, I prefer to walk mine in honesty. It is so much easier.

It would be so wonderful to live away from the stinking mass of humanity and its need to play silly games. To live in quiet, with only the sound of the natural world and its open face.

A dream it is, my responsibilities demand that I live in the morass, that I continue to try and find a way to assimilate all of that which goes on around me, into my life. One day. Perhaps one day, I can live my life as I wish to live it. In quiet. Away from the crowd.

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