Mature Content; Sexuality is the Topic

The topic is sexuality – a mature topic. Woot! Woot! Don’t complain and whine that I am posting mature subject matter as I believe the warnings are fairly complete.

If sexuality gives you the willies? Then stop reading….NOW…do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. Get out.

Okay…now that we are alone? Let’s discuss this whole sexuality thing. The Western world seems to take pride in its forward thinking regarding sexuality. I beg to differ. It is smoke and mirrors. The majority of the population still blush when faced with topics relating to sex, to our body parts that participate while having sex. Oh, most people can fake it well but underneath the exterior – true sexuality is some sort of clique they believe exists and they want to play along.

What brought about this, potential, rant? A statement made by a young woman regarding a sexual fantasy that she attributes to men alone and actually called “stupid.” The fantasy of watching and perhaps participating in sexual play between two women. Stupid? How is this stupid? It is a fantasy held by men, for sure but by some women as well. Is it any less stupid because a woman may find this to be a desirable activity? What hypocrisy! But then, I have, very sadly, become used to hypocrisy and hypocritical double-speak when it comes to sex.

What, exactly, about sex between two women is stupid? Sex, itself, is beyond description, more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I can’t say that I would find two men making love, erotic – but that is not a condemnation of the activity. It just doesn’t rock my boat. Role playing doesn’t do it for me, either but I don’t consider the activity stupid or depraved…it is simply a matter of preference. I prefer my men to look like men, not photo-shopped mannequins. I will “oooo” and “ahhhh” those ubiquitous e-mails with the beefcake photos but really? They do nothing for me…worse than nothing, I see ’em as a waste of my time. I like MEN, not boys, not young men…I like men. Grown up, seasoned – men who look and act their age. So the guy has a bit of a belly? Big deal. I’m a woman and my sexuality starts in my brain, not my eyeballs. Okay, to be honest – if the dude looks like Quasimodo’s grandfather and has only a nodding acquaintance with personal hygiene? Then, that would not be acceptable to me. TO ME. Maybe someone out there likes the whole down and dirty thing; I don’t, that’s me and it doesn’t get more personal than that. I don’t see it as stupid however. It is simply someone else’s preference.

I don’t see a damn thing wrong with FF twosomes with an M watching or making it a FMF or FFM or MFF or whatever you want to call it. If the two FF’s are into having the M as part of their equation – go to it! You have a great time, because life is too short to worry about people with their “on-high” pronouncements.

Me? I have an issue with hypocrisy. As a Pagan, I hear a lot of this whole polyamory thing. Look here, I’ve been around the block enough times that I have worn a trail…folks? Call it polyamory if you like but to the rest of the world – it is swinging. Unless that polygamous relationship has stood the test of time? Unless the relationship includes all names on a lease/mortgage, everyone paying the bills, cooking meals and all living together under the same roof? It ain’t polyamory – it is swinging. You may not like the name but, hey…it is only as “dirty” as you perceive it to be. I love this need to label everything so that it comes off as politically correct…

So you have assorted partners? Big deal. As long as you are practicing safe sex and everyone is, without doubt or hesitation, on the same page, who gives a rat’s ass? If no one gets hurt – emotionally as well as physically, as long as everyone understands what is going on? Have a freakin’ time! Who cares if the rest of society doesn’t like it? It isn’t their bed, table, carpet seeing the action – it is yours.

The hypocrisy, the total fake image of acceptance of all sexualities, all choices, drives me bug shit. We are no more sexually liberated than we were 30 years ago, we’ve just learned how to spin doctor our opinions, so we can pretend we are all that and a bag of chips.

Sexuality is a personal thing, it involves personal fantasies and no one has the right to mount some sort of soapbox and proclaim a fantasy as stupid. It is what it, to an individual and as long as no one is hurt, as long as the fantasy pertains to consenting adults? Mind your business and keep your sanctimonious pronouncements to yourself.


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2 responses to “Mature Content; Sexuality is the Topic

  1. sherry

    One more layer to add. It’s a fantasy. I fantasize all kinds of things I really don’t think I’d like in real life. It’s particularly NOT stupid when it’s in someone’s head. No thought police please.

  2. I could not agree more! Nicely done, seeing as how the fellow wanderer and I are swingers your post hit on a few things that we grapple with. We are both highly active in our community so I am sure you understand what would happen if someone found out. That should not be the case, but alas it is.

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