Allergies? Grow the “F” Up!

As Colleen can attest; I have zero tolerance for individuals who use their allergies as some sort of crutch or spotlight.  I figure if anyone can tear a strip off these types, it would be me or one of my family members.

I have one son who has been to, maybe 4 birthday parties during his entire childhood and that was due to his allergies.  He also couldn’t take part in the treats other kids brought to school – just in case.  He couldn’t go to camp, not sleep-away or day camp.  Forget restaurants – those were out of the question but did he or anyone in the family use this as some sort of attention tool?  No.  Allergies were/are a fact of life.  OUR fact of life, not the fact of life for anyone else.

He was in school before the ban on peanuts and/or nuts.  Yes, we did have incidents; one put him in hospital for 3 days.  These incidents were valuable lessons.  These incidents helped to reinforce the concept that allergies were HIS responsibility, not the responsibility of others.  At the beginning of each school year, I would send a note to his teachers advising them of his profound allergies and made one request, that he not be given any snackage that did not originate from his home, no cupcakes, no cookies, no snacks.  Limited success as one teacher handed out yogurt covered almonds and it was the quick mind of his buddy – all of 8 years old at the time, who prevented a tragedy.  The little guy jumped up and told Kyle not to touch it, explaining to the teacher that Kyle was deathly allergic to almonds.  She received the letter and forgot.  People forget.  People with profound allergies can’t afford to forget.  My family members accept this as a life fact.

The eldest is not only gluten intolerant but lactose intolerant as well…try and live his life. He does so, and enjoys every minute of it.  He takes responsibility for his diet, his actions.  He doesn’t whine or complain about it.  Never has.  He’s an asthmatic as well.

I remember a public ritual in Montreal – this broad actually had the nerve to bitch that there was no food (volunteers brought the food) that was gluten & lactose free.  Never occurred to the idiot to bring her own…the rest of us were, somehow, responsible.

This trend to inflict restrictions on the rest of society due to allergies drives me nuts.  (Snicker..pardon the pun!)  Yup, allergies can kill you.  Yup, it is a dangerous condition but you know what?  It is YOUR condition, not your neighbours’, not your friends, not your workplace or the restaurants’.  It is YOUR responsibility to stay safe and that doesn’t include depriving someone else of something which may be a problem to you.

For example, I can’t visit Melanie or Colleen. They have animals.

While I do live with Chico, it is at a cost and I am never free of a reaction.  If I sit where he has been?  I will get hives.  If we don’t keep him very clean, our asthma acts up.  Kleenex is a staple as is the sound of noses being blown.  Visine is also as much a staple as bread and milk.  So is the Aerius.  We HAVE to take it everyday, in order to survive with Chico.  It took many months to build up the limited resistance we have at this point.  The resistance to to Chico ONLY.  Logan’s dogs bother us, even if we are outside.  My brother’s dogs – can’t stay in house for longer than 15 minutes or so before our chests start to close up, eyes puff and we begin to resemble aliens.

If eating in a restaurant, we acknowledge that we are playing Russian roulette.  Cross contamination is a real and present danger.  Same with those bulk food places – we were in the Bulk Barn recently – tons of nuts of all sorts.  I started to sneeze, eyes got itchy and my asthma kicked in.  What should I do, demand Bulk Barn get rid of the nuts???    No.  Just limit my time in there or not go at all.  There are a lot of folks who love nuts, why should they be deprived because I have allergies?

I am also allergic to horses – extremely allergic to horses.  I used to ride, in fact, I took riding lessons.  In order to do that, in order to spend those couple of hours with the horses, I had to take an antihistamine that would knock me out for the rest of the day and have my asthma pump poised for action.  The last hour and a half of the lesson was usually spent in a drug induced daze.  I haven’t ridden in years and that’s the main reason.  Profound allergies rarely get any better.  A minor or even mid-range allergy can lessen in time but not profound.

Eating at the homes of friends or even extended family members is always a little nerve racking.  First, there’s the embarrassing necessity of asking what is to be served…I hate doing that but better to ask than to ruin a party but if the planned menu is going to be a problem, cancelling…and then there’s the pressure when the host/hostess invariable want to make you something different.  I won’t have that.  Your menu is planned, we’ll do this again some other time or hey, you come to our place…

Went to a hockey banquet one year and there were tiny bits of avocado in a salad, it resulting in my going into shock.  I didn’t even know I was that allergic to the stuff.  I knew I had a slight allergy to it but who knew that the allergy had become so severe?

Bottom line is this society of whiners we have created, this mentality that the rest of the world has to change for us.  It annoys the crap out of me.  I’m allergic to Chanel #5 – if someone comes near me wearing it?  I start to sneeze and wheeze like a train.  Do I demand Chanel be taken off the market or do I pop an antihistamine, have tissue on hand and get on with my day?  I choose the latter.

You have allergies?  Your offspring have allergies?  For christ’s sake, educate yourself and take responsibility for your own life/children’s lives.  Buy the Epipen, get the Medicalert and smarten the hell up.  Society isn’t responsible for your allergies, YOU ARE, ya dumbass.

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