Unclear On A Concept, Dougie???

Well, Jimmy Carter had his Billy and it seems Toronto’s mayor has his own version of Billy – in the form of his brother – Doug.

It appears that Dougie has a very tenuous grip on the concept of democracy and the freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and freedom to protest.


Doug Ford says Atwood should stick to writing

The Canadian Press

Updated: Wed. Jul. 27 2011 7:37 AM ET

TORONTO — A Toronto councillor is taking aim at author Margaret Atwood, saying she should get elected if she wants a say about the city’s libraries.

Doug Ford was responding to an online campaign by Atwood to help save libraries that could be on the chopping block if city council goes through with proposed cuts.

Atwood has urged her thousands of Twitter followers to sign an online petition supporting the libraries.

The Toronto library workers’ union says its website server crashed following Atwood’s plea, and that the petition collected about 25,000 signatures in under two weeks.

The author also used Twitter to poke fun at Ford — the brother of Mayor Rob Ford — who has said there are more libraries than Tim Hortons in his area.

(Blogger Aside: And this is a bad thing to Dougie? That more people have access to books, education and reading than coffee and a doughnut?)

But the councillor says Atwood is not an elected official and that if she walked through his neighbourhood, few people would know who she is.

I fear for Toronto now. Living in Montreal – Toronto would, as a general rule, be a sworn enemy but in light of this type of comment from an elected official? They have my sympathy. Here’s a man who has been put in city hall to represent his constituency yet is appallingly ignorant of the democratic process and perhaps even worse, the right of free speech and protest. Apparently, in his tinpot dictator little mind, only elected officials are allowed to have a say regarding municipal policies; average citizens are denied the right to speak. Perhaps Mayor Ford should purchase some duct tape, and fast, before his brother turns into his “Billy Carter.” Dougie Beer, anyone? ….. I thought not.

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