Let’s not forget the FOX Network as well Madame Mainstream.

Is it finally time for the “Media Elite” to be brought into line? I am hoping, praying, wailing to the gods that the answer is “Yes!” The mainstream public is discovering the power in its voice when not silenced by the media. When news cameras are not shut off, lest more people learn of their power as individuals, when news stories are not flushed because they may incite the public to stand up and refuse to be herded by corrupt government and media. Refuse to have our views fed to us by members of the same elite club – the club that doesn’t have to worry about utility bills, mortgage payments or finding the energy to face another day.

There are efforts to censor the Internet – it is already done in some countries, China – Egypt – Iran and other countries where human rights are nothing more than two Western words strung together. They are trying to do it here, under the guise of policing child pornographers, hate mongers and terrorists. Flash words. Policing the internet. Censoring what we say and how we say it.

Mainstream media has long been censored, by politicians and their toadies, the media elite. Stories that appear on the ‘net that criticize Israeli policies, for example, will never be seen or heard in mainstream media. They are branded anti-Semitic and images of the horrors from World War II immediately begin to appear. Criticizing Israeli politics is not anti-Semitic, it is political opinion of the Israeli government – the fact that Israel is a Jewish state does not enter into the equation. Religion and politics should always be mutually exclusive. Israel is engaged in deplorable behaviours and cannot be permitted to hide behind the miseries suffered by Jews in countries thousands of miles away, well over ½ a century ago. To call up those ghosts is shameful. Wrong is wrong, regardless of religious affiliation. What is happening to the Palestinian people, at the hands of Israeli government is wrong. It has nothing to do with anti-Semitism and everything to do with morality and ethics.

Some politicians can get away with murder, if the price is right and both the politician, media moguls have their hands in each other’s pocket. There isn’t an intelligent person on the face of this planet who believes that J.F.K, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were murdered by fanatics or lunatics. Most harbour the belief that these assassinations were politically motivated from start to bloody finish.

In North America, where some of us are taxed beyond comprehension, where corruption is the norm and put the third world countries to shame with the proliferation of the corruption; we are fed news stories designed and executed to divert our attention elsewhere…to the goings-on in Hollywood, to the contract talks of sports figures – anything to keep the great unwashed occupied while they are being financially raped and pillaged by crooked politicians and corporate gangsters.

Murdoch was brought down. Why? I have no doubt that other media types were involved in this, a removal of competition. The internet is slowing eating away at their profits. Why should we pay to get our news, when it is biased, when it is bought and sold by the elite? Why, when we can hit our computers and get the news we actually need? The Montreal Gazette and several of the French language newspapers in Montreal, charge you to read the news on the ‘net. Solution for me, personally? I simply don’t read their news – no loss due to the biased and politically correct viewpoints expressed within their pages.

The Montreal Gazette has long been a joke to the English community in Montreal. They have the monopoly and it shows. The writing is sub-standard, the grammar? You see better examples of English reading high school blogs than you do in that newspaper. It is so full of ads that there are times when you would be forgiven if you believed there to be no news worth reporting on any given day.

With the rampant political corruption right under their noses? The Gazette chooses to print second-hand fare from Toronto, or news that will pull at heart strings rather than news that may cause the citizens of Montreal to stand up and start demanding accountability, demanding the re-structuring of the Montreal City Hall Mafia. Heaven forbid that a story be printed that calls City Hall to task for the millions, if not billions of tax dollars that have found their way into private coffers via shadow construction companies and secretive contracts to friends, relatives.

Pulling popular media outlets down should be one of our priorities. It is time to shut these ad companies down. They do not offer us news. They are simply vehicles for the corrupt.

I, for one, hope that all media moguls go the way of Murdoch. I, for one, hope for truth in journalism. No more pandering to politicians, corporations or special interest groups. Allow the great unwashed truth and let us decide whether we stand up and call the dishonest to account or continue to herd ourselves along, while they steal our money, remove our freedoms.

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