Guy Turcotte; Evil Walking

Not guilty. Turcotte was found not guilty by reason of insanity. He stabbed those little children to death and is not held accountable. Beautiful defense play, they won at the expense of the lives of these children, at the expense of the lives of the families directly involved and at the expense of society’s credibility.

I don’t believe, for one second that this man didn’t know right from wrong. I don’t believe that he had lost his handle on reality. He is a cardiologist, a well-educated, logically trained individual. I have no doubt that like so many doctors, he harbours a god complex. I have no doubt that he feels himself to be above the rest of society, in intellect.

Here’s a man – trained in one of the most intricate and arguably the most difficult of the medical specializations, drinking anti-freeze in a bogus play at suicide. A man with access to any number of drugs that would have, easily, ended his life. He knew how much to drink without it being fatal. This was a play, written, produced and acted by Guy Turcotte. A stage success as he was not held responsible for what he has done, murdered, in cold blood, his two children. The man is a sociopath but our prisons are filled with sociopaths, filled with people who are unable to afford the level of defense lawyers that Turcotte, with his money, could afford.

His wife had an affair with someone Turcotte would have felt beneath her. A personal trainer. Not a university educated doctor. Not someone worthy to be called a rival. A personal trainer. A blow to Turcotte’s ego, I’m sure. You cannot attack a sociopath’s ego without extreme ramifications.

Look to the marriage statistics, the rate of divorce; imagine if every spouse, betrayed through adultery, took to murder as a way of salving the hurt.

No. This man was completely aware of what he was doing; I have no doubt that his defense was carefully planned prior to his arrest. He knew he wasn’t going to die by drinking anti-freeze. He could have slit his wrists, he could have taken pills; Turcotte is well trained in the art of dying. He knew he would be able to get away with murder; he would be able to punish his wife, forever. He knew she would suffer as long as she lived by this act and this is what he wanted. He wanted his wife to suffer for the perceived humiliation of her adultery with someone so much less than himself.

Turcotte is in the Pinel Institute. He is to be examined by a panel of doctors to determine if he is still a threat to society or if his illness has “gone away” as quickly as it manifested. If the latter conclusion is chosen, Turcotte will walk back into his life. The board of physicians will find him capable of returning to his practice. Society, as a whole, will be victims of this man’s arrogance, his belief that the world is of no importance. His belief that he, Guy Turcotte, is the most important entity in the world. That he, Guy Turcotte, has proven his superiority by getting away with murder.

He will be right. He fooled the jury, a jury that was not educated in the field of psychiatry and the narcissist mind of the sociopath. Two children will have died horrible deaths, to satisfy Turcotte’s need for revenge.

A sad, a tragic day in Canadian justice.

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