Freedom Flotilla Farce

What a monumental farce. Monumental waste of time and money. Monumental waste of media attention. It is a farce, this flotilla silliness.

How, incredibly, naïve and totally clueless would one have to actually be, to swallow any of this Gaza business? There is no measure that descends that low, I fear. We need a new unit of measure.

It only takes a moment to realize the middle East/Israel/Gaza is naught more than a play, put on for the ignorant. To keep their minds off what is going on under their noses.

If the rest of the Arab world truly cared what happens to the Palestinians, is it not logical that some sort of action would have been taken long ago? The truth is, the rest of Arab world doesn’t care. If any of this was truly worth an effort, the effort would have been made.

There would be no need for violence; all that needs to be done is for the oil flow to stop. One week, two weeks..until the point was made. Nothing operates without oil. Vehicles, those silly flotilla boats, water filtration plants, food processing plants, pharmaceutical industrial machinery, army vehicles – land, sea and air, generators, none of them can operate without oil.

While these pathetic publicity hounds are sailing the briny blue, a question should be bandied about; where does Israel get its oil? On what do their weapons, their army vehicles operate? If the Arab nations really cared what Israel does with the Gaza, the oil supply would have been shut down and sealed. These nations are close enough to provide whatever necessities are required in the strip, to the refugees and then some.

The cold, hard truth is that the rest of Arab world doesn’t care. The Palestinian issue simply provides a way for the attention of Arabic citizens to be diverted to another area, for their attention to not be focused on the true cause of the crippling poverty under which so many labour. Their own governments – their own robber barons – the oil sheiks, the oil companies, these are the true villains but Israel and the Palestinian melodrama is being used in the same way power mongers have used issues throughout history. Find a scapegoat to divert attention.

All of this is a farce. The kafuffle over the anti-Israel group at the parade in Toronto, the media grabbing on to this “rescue” thing as if it held even a modicum of truth to it. Israel and the Arab World have been in bed for years. They are buddies. One hand washing the other. And in the meantime, you have morons from the West behaving like trained monkeys, costing governments money trying to keep their butts out of trouble. And if Israel does arrest these people? Great – Israel? You keep them for a while, we don’t need them.

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