New World Order – Suck It Up ButterCup

Caution:  nudity below

These bottom frame of pics are from

Shut up and suck it up, Buttercup; the advent of the internet, cell phones with video and photo capabilities are here and they are here to stay.

The younger and less experienced users of technology are woefully ignorant of the big picture, regardless of how they claim to be so much more savvy than us old dinosaurs. Well, this old dinosaur is internet savvy enough to know that anything posted to the web is posted forever. The implications are staggering and perhaps that’s why you see the pics above, young people are simply so naïve, so uneducated with regard to the internet that said implications escape them.

This old dinosaur received her first computer in 1989. I’ve seen such changes in computers, the way we communicate, digitally, that often, I am left in awe by how much has changed and how fast. My initial communications were through a modem, the one you stuck your telephone headset on; the online community consisted of various BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems). You wrote a post and fired it off to the bulletin board, using a specific software, the one I remember was called Blue Wave. There were others but they escape me. Blue Wave was my personal favourite.

Then there were whisperings of the “internet.” Us denizens of the BBS looked at it with suspicion, mistrust and spoke of the demise of the online community. We were right. It destroyed the BBS world.

The internet hit like a tsunami. I fell for it and I’m still in love with it. The benefits are without peer but so too, are the evils that it generates. Child porn is the one that comes to mind, first – thoughtless and senseless hacking, virus and malware creations are next.

But the thing that can generate the most personal evil is the one thing that we can all control; our own conceit. Our own ignorance of the ramifications of the internet.

In Canada, this was made manifest in the aftermath of the Stanley Cup defeat riot generated by the Canucks losing to the Bruins.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people were caught red-handed via cell phone videos and photos, committing crimes against people and property. No denying it, there they are in living colour. Proven guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt. Civil libertarians are now hollering about the injustice of it all, vilifying Facebook for permitting these photos to be uploaded so that the police and the victims, Joe and Jane Citizen, can identify the criminals. Invasion of privacy! Big Brother! Yeah? And your point is? This whole incident has shown how powerful our digital tools are, when used for the public good and make no mistake, identifying these morons, these petty little criminals, is in the public’s best interest.

When the power of the internet as a crime fighting tool is so wonderfully illustrated, perhaps in the future, these morally challenged knotheads and their clones, may think twice before trying to set a police car gas tank alight or run into the store and rip off goods. The young man seen trying to light the gas tank is the son of a surgeon. Daddy has hired a lawyer and they are going for the sympathy angle…poor boy, never did anything like this before, on the water polo team, good family, made a mistake…Daddy? This is not a “mistake”. Nathan is caught in the middle of a criminal act, an act against society as a whole, that could have had dire consequences had his little plan worked and the car had blown up. This was pre-meditated. He took the time to rip fabric, to uncap the gas tank, to stuff the material into the receptor and then attempted to set the fabric alight. This was not a spur of the moment act. Your son committed the act of a sociopath. He needs to cool his heels in a jail cell. He needs to receive the ultimate reality check. You raised him to, obviously, think he was special, somehow above the laws of society and now Daddy? You can pay the piper.

Bottom line is, if you don’t want to have your pic up on the internet, don’t act like a moron.

The same goes for those young ladies baring their all. Ladies (and I use the term in the most loose possible fashion), these pics are up there forever. One day, probably within the next 5 years, you will regret taking those shots or having them taken. One day, someone you love, someone you respect will see those shots and an “I’m sorry!” just won’t cut it. Employers use the internet, for right or for wrong, to do preliminary investigations of potential employees. Parents of friends use the ‘net, teachers use the ‘net and your enemies use the ‘net.

Sending your current boyfriend s’exts? They can be saved for posterity as well. Most private and most personal of pics and messages are forever once you press the “send” button. Your words, your body are now public domain and there will be squat you can do to change it. The pictures will be your albatross forever. And I guarantee that you will live to sorely regret what you’ve done. Reality will, one day set in and this is worse than any old fashioned scarlet letter. These pics will never go away. One day, you may walk into the job place that you love and your co-workers will be laughing at you, not with you but at you. You will never regain their respect. That one stupid choice, that one pic of your boobs or nether regions will impact your life forever.

I love the internet, I love the freedom to learn but I also know that the internet can be a loaded gun, cocked and pointed at all of us.


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    Never upload nude shots to any sort of digital device – not your boyfriend/husband/S.O’s cell phone, not your FB, not to an e-mail, not in chat. Once done, it is there FOREVER.

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