Religion and Daycare

The province of Quebec provides subsidized daycare. This subsidy allows parents to pay $7.00 per day for the care of their child. I would hazard a guess and say most parents pay more than that for their daily dose of Starbucks or Wendy’s.

This privilege is underwritten by the taxpayers of Quebec. It is a GOVERNMENT funded bonus. We all ask our governments to ensure that religion and the state are kept exclusive. There is no place for religion in the Western political arena.

The government issued an edict and rightly so, disallowing religious instructions in these subsidized day cares. It is not, nor should it ever be the responsibility of day cares or schools for that matter to teach religion. Religion should be taught in the home. Period. It is not up to the tax payers of Quebec to pay for government subsidized day cares who choose to thwart this ruling.

Parents no longer take responsibility for their offspring; we can see this in the papers, in our neighbourhoods, in the media. Far too many offspring are left to their own devices, expected to be taught morals and ethics in school and not at home. Parents simply don’t have the time to raise their own kids. Or, as is my own observation, they simply can’t be bothered, so they farm them off to day cares, enroll them in as many outside activities as possible and figure someone else will take over where they, so often and in so many ways, neglect their responsibilities.

For years I volunteered at school, in amateur sports and it was always the same, the very same few parents who could be bothered to come out to a practice, stay for a game, or to attend a special school event. All parents want programs for their kids but are unwilling, totally unwilling, to help out. They figure their duty ends with the payment of fees.

I can’t count the times we had to stay with a child(ren) at an arena waiting for the parents to show up and take their child home. We had our own lives, our own kids and things to do but apparently, our lives were not as important, by half, as were the activities of these other “parents”.

Religion is a parental responsibility, first and foremost. If a parent wants a daycare that provide religious instruction, they absolutely have that right and they also have the freedom to find such a daycare and enroll their child but said daycare must not be subsidized by the government.

We pay far too much money, as it is, for parents who don’t step up to their responsibilities. Does it really take a PhD to figure out that being pregnant and staying home to care for an infant will cost money? This is known as a rhetorical question, because for all intents and purposes, it would seem that a PhD is required..Instead we have paid parental leave. We pay people for being short-sighted and irresponsible. If you want a baby, then it would seem to be logical that you would prepare for this event, not by simply painting a spare room pink, blue or yellow but by putting aside the money that will be necessary for the care of that baby for his/her first year.

Why are people having children if they plan on farming them out to day cares before they are even out of diapers? Those first years, I would say the first 5 years are vital to the development of a child and his/her psyche. This is when a child begins to develop their sense of who they are, in the grand scheme of things. Sticking them in a daycare sends a message and that message is that little Joe or Janey aren’t that important to Mom and Dad. They aren’t important enough for Mom and/or Dad to stay home and nurture them, love them, teach them.

It is bad enough that this is happening, that parents expect day cares and schools to parent and to teach THEIR children, but to expect these government institutions to teach something as intensely personal as religion, as well, to expect tax payers to take this on, in addition to all the other parental duties forced upon them by the decision of someone to procreate? It is too much. It is unreasonable and a very sad reflection on the parenting abilities of this generation of breeders. And make no mistake, breeders are all that these people are..procreating and leaving the child-rearing to someone else.

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