Alan DeSousa Pandering

All that is wrong with politics and politicians can be found wrapped up within this man. Passing by-laws for no other reason than to garner votes, like the whole absurd fireplace thing. The owners of fireplaces and wood burning stoves are responsible for the smog warnings and poor air quality in Montreal. Yeah, okay DeSousa. According to the city’s own studies, air quality is improving in spite of the lack of adequate public transportation and the location of an International airport in the suburbs. In spite of the millions of vehicles heading into the city in the morning and heading out in the evening because there are no viable alternatives for commuters to get to their place of employment. Traffic jams due to inadequate and substandard roads and highways, causing cars to idle and pouring more pollution into the air; pollution that contains the particulate matter that DeSousa blames on wood burning sources of heat.

According to the city’s own studies, air quality is at its worst in the summer months – July in particular. This is just a guess but I would think that the use of wood burning stoves would be a little less in Montreal, in July. Just a simple guess, I could be wrong. July. When the city if rife with tourists, when air travel is at its highest, when taking hot, smelling and long trips on public transport is eschewed for nice air conditioned, private vehicles, the air quality in Montreal sucks.

Were it not for my wood burning stove and having electric heat as my primary source of warmth in the winter? I would have ended up in the Pointe-Claire arena during the ice storm. My relatives would have had no place to go. Instead, we managed quite nicely, cooking on our Bar B Q and staying warm thanks to the wood stove. This saved, I dare say, countless tax dollars.

The Trudeau airport. Now if ever there was a culprit when it comes to particulate air pollution, it is the airport. I live about 1 ½ kms away from a runway; the filth that I clean off my windows is nauseating. It is black, it is hard to remove and I can only shudder at what it does to the lungs. This is a yearlong problem but particularly annoying in the summer, when, by coincidence, the air quality of Montreal is at its worst.

But, true to form, DeSousa jumps on an ill-informed (at best), half-assed, at worst, bandwagon to ban wood stoves. Loves a good ban this guy, but only if it puts his face on the news and appearing oh-so-concerned about the citizens of the island. Don’t hear a word about grossly overpaid city workers caught drinking, stalking and sleeping on the job. Funny, as a man with the political task of sustainable development, he seems intent on driving tax payers out of the city. Imagine the monies to be gained if the corruption in his own party could be stopped from leaking tax dollars to their criminal friends. Imagine the dollars gained by tossing out the overpaid blue collar workers in favour of private enterprises, with an open bidding process to prevent the rampant cronyism that currently reigns under his party’s command. Ah but DeSousa is rendered virtually mute on the important issues. Adept at modern politics is DeSousa, legerdemain extraordinaire.

Now he is taking on the S.P.C.A, the absurd BSL and pit bull breed owners with his usual lack of informed sources and half-assed information. The S.P.C.A. and rightly so, refuses to deal with animal control in boroughs/cities that have BSL (breed specific legislation). Ignoring informed, educated sources and their, almost, unanimous support of the S.P.C.A. in its refusal to have anything to do with BSL terrorized communities, DeSousa has jumped on the redneck hay wagon because his community – St. Laurent, is trying to pass a BSL as well, again, regardless of the reports that show BSL’s DO NOT impact the number of dog bites or attacks in a community. Rather than take a more responsible tactic as is used in Calgary, AB, Desousa shows St. Laurent voters, yet again that his time is long past as a credible politician, if in fact, he ever had a run as being credible.

Vets, dog groomers, animal behaviourists have all come forward to state that BSL’s are ridiculous and that the pit bull breeds are no more likely to attack than any other breed when not properly trained. But, sadly, pit bulls are on the media’s “flavour” of the month club and anything negative regarding pit bull breeds is instant ratings success.

Ordinarily, in normal circumstances, people like DeSousa can simply be dismissed as ignorant and self-serving but this man is in politics and his ignorance can impact and does impact on people’s lives.

He needs to be muzzled and only the good people of St. Laurent can do that by not voting for him. He’s done his time, he’s made his money and through whatever overstuffed pension afforded him due to his tenure as a city glad-hander, he will continue to make his money at our expense. Don’t let him empty pockets any further. Don’t let his ignorance impact on families and the welfare of animals. Turf the guy. Better yet, make a phone call to St. Laurent City Hall, send a letter, or an e-mail against this new smoke and mirrors campaign of DeSousa’s, tell him that you are intelligent enough to know that it is not the breed to blame, it is the owner and to follow Calgary’s example of Responsible Pet Ownership.

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