Nibiru, Eris and Planet X..Really?

Okay, really? Nibiru? For the love of…. Where will I be in 2012? Probably in the same place, in the same state of mind I am in now…flabbergasted by the gullibility and stupidity that seems to be running rampant out there.

Let’s take a devil’s advocate point of view, here for a sec: let’s assume that NASA and the entire world’s group of, ACTUALLY, educated astronomers are lying, the earth will be thrown off its axis/hit/heavily impacted by the planet Nibiru, so what? If such a catastrophic event were actually in the realm of possibility, what point would there be in telling anyone about it? That would be it for mankind. Game over. Bonjour la visite, folks, it’s been real.

We could go all survivalist on our neighbour’s asses, we could move to the mountains or find an island in the Pacific, plan to live off the land or the two tons of tinned beans we’ve stored away but those plans would be for naught. There would be NO land off which to live, the baked beans would be incinerated along with everything else on the planet. There would be no blue globe in the sky, viewable from the moon, which would probably not be there either.

This would be it. End of Game. The final out.

I was reading on a web site, some of the letters a poor and very patient astronomer is receiving and this guy deserves a medal, the authors of the letters? Well, a white jacket with buckles and really long arms should be sent to their homes forthwith.

Here, take a look:

There are folks writing in who are actually losing sleep over this, furious that the “GOVERNMENT” is hiding this impending global catastrophe. Again, let’s ask ourselves, say it is all true, to what benefit would knowing be? Let’s use the term from the movie, Deep Impact, imagine that an “E.L.E.” (Extinction-Level-Event) was imminent, the key word is EXTINCTION. There would be no Robert Duval in space, bombing the hell out of Niburu. It would be a very dense body and nothing we have managed to create, thus far, would have any impact at all, let alone a deep one. Niburu is SUPPOSED to be a planet, not an asteroid. This puts things on a much higher playing field and it’s a field to which we are not permitted entry.

If there is a Niburu, if there is some sort of Planet X, hurtling toward our wee blue marble, there is nothing to be done. Live our lives to the best of our ability, love our families and have no regrets. Worry, fear and anger at a government won’t change reality. If this is all true and I’m telling you, it ain’t – this theory holds as much water as does Camping’s Rapture 2011 claim, in other words, not a drop or molecule of truth, then there is nothing, at all, to be gained in fear. It might be, what it might be…game over. Relax, live your life and don’t worry about things that you can’t change, simply change the things that are within your power to change. Be kinder, be more courteous, value your family, your friends and get on with the business of living.


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3 responses to “Nibiru, Eris and Planet X..Really?

  1. Melanie

    That guy has the patience of a saint. I have a simple rule of thumb regarding this entire myth – anyone who believes it is off my Christmas Card list. Done. Finished. I don’t have time to waste on this crap.

  2. Wicked Emerald

    He deserves a medal or some sort of prize; I wonder if he’d like some of my sister-in-law’s post-rapture fudge?

  3. Poutine


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