And Now, A Report from Hell’s Minions

I believe it is a pretty safe assumption that Mr. Camping was again, mistaken. He has predicted the world’s end by a god’s wrath a couple of times before this one but this is the time of internet and immediate information. The attention he received is probably a massive shock to him. Let’s remember that while he may be a media – television/radio mogul of sorts, he is 89 years old.

I have to admit that I do feel a small amount of pity for the man. He hasn’t just been humiliated in his own cloistered little world of religious fanatics; he has undergone a global humiliation, the likes of which I have not seen before. There is a sense of anger at this man for frightening his followers into giving up their material lives, in some cases, their very livelihoods in preparation for this non-event. This is not fair. These were adults, with free will. It was their choice to suspend belief, to allow their sense of credibility, to permit their intelligence to be so controlled as to make these monumental mistakes.

Having been indoctrinated, almost from birth, in the Christian mythology (I am much better now), I know that this god imparted the gift of free will to man. How mankind uses this free will is determined by man, not god, not the devil.

Mr. Camping was misdirected, through what could possibly be some measure of mental illness. Perhaps some dementia has set in; he is, after all, 89 years old. The idiots who chose to believe what Camping claimed, without doing their own, personal, research into the theory, don’t deserve pity. They are the ones who deserve to be ridiculed. There is, in 2011, no longer an excuse for ignorance. The tools for learning are everywhere; the tools we need to make informed choices are at our fingertips, at all times. Using the Christian fanatics own questionable logic – these tools were created through us by their god. These tools are for our use, to empower our free will.

There are no men on the face of this earth who speak on behalf of any god. Gods have always made themselves available to whoever seeks to listen. (According to myth.) It is the duty of Christians to turn away from anyone who claims they speak for God, as this would be blasphemy.

This is also true of the Roman Catholics who continue to support a church that no longer holds their god to its heart. A church that perpetrates, that protects crimes against mankind, crimes against the most defenseless, the children. This is a church responsible for untold bloodshed, torture and crimes against humanity. Look back to WWII and the church’s behaviour toward the Jews and the rest of the victims of Mussolini and Hitler. Look to Mount Cashel, the residential schools in Canada, the continued war these men wage against women and their right to be considered equals.

We, all of us, regardless of our religious stripes or lack thereof, share one thing above all else, in common; free will. No one has the power to force us toward taking action that we know is wrong. No one forces us to play the fool, THAT is on our head, on our souls. We no longer have the luxury of blaming someone else, of blaming some sort of demonic influence. We are all, every one of us, aware of our choices and when we choose to behave in a way that will harm another, that will harm society, then there can be no finger pointing. There is only one person responsible for malevolent behaviours and that is the person committing them. Yes, Mr. Camping should be held accountable, in so far as he was the one who started all of this absurdity, but so too are the people who chose to believe him and destroyed their lives. This was their choice, their god given gift of free will and they misused it.

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  1. Melanie

    I am sympathetic to the families of those who have given up their money for Camping’s lunacy. I assume there are children who have been harmed by this, and that is tragic. It is akin to having a parent fritter all his money away on booze, drugs, gambling, etc.Perhaps charges will be brought. Perhaps psychological assessment will be sought. But it won’t help the dependants of the imbeciles.

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