I’ll start this with my opinion and I am entitled to that opinion. I am against abortion when the procedure is the result of irresponsibility on the part of a man and woman. If the health of the mother is at risk, if the pregnancy is the result of a sexual crime? Then it is an entirely different matter. With that said, return to the first part – “my opinion”, it has been my choice to not choose abortion. I have that choice and I would not remove it from another woman. I may not respect the choice when it is made as the result of stupidity, but that is my right as well.

There is no reason, no logical reason for a healthy woman to choose an abortion. If a female of our species is old enough to have sex, then she is old enough to understand the horrendous consequences of having unprotected sex. Pregnancy is the least of it. Condoms aren’t just for attempting to prevent the fertilization process. How can a woman, in this day in age, take her life and the lives of any subsequent sexual partners into her hands and make the choice of who lives and who dies? I speak, of course, about HIV and Aids. Simply because two people have discovered a fondness for each other does not mean that either of them have not been exposed to the virus.

To understand the risk, one must have but a simple understanding of math. Sleep with Joe and you are having sex with every female with whom he has had unsheathed intercourse. And with every man with whom these women have had unsheathed intercourse. The results of the equation, when you think about it, are staggering.

HIV and Aids are the worst case scenario followed by Herpes, a life sentence, then there are the usual suspects, syphilis, gonorrhoea, let’s not forget venereal warts, a condition that has been directly connected with the development of cervical cancer. Then there are the other nasties, get yourself a dose of Trich and see how you feel about unprotected sex in the future. Reading about the symptoms is one thing, actually suffering from them and you do suffer, is a whole new experience in pain and discomfort.

No. It is not up to me to decide whether or not a woman has the right to an abortion, for no other reason than she is biologically ignorant but that doesn’t mean that my tax dollars should pay for her ignorance. Now before any of the rabid Pro-Choicers start to bombard me with hate mail, I am saying that I don’t want to have MY money spent to pay for someone else’s irresponsibility. That’s MY CHOICE. Pro-Choice works both ways. As women, we have the choice of whether or not to have protected sex, when, as women we make the wrong choice, that is the choice and there are consequences. The consequences should fit the irresponsible action. Better to have an impression made by having to pay for a procedure than to have yet another person fall victim to a fatal, potentially fatal or serious STD.

Back in the day, when abortions were illegal, women’s lives were put at risk. Back alley doctors. Back in the day, the worst thing you could catch was the clap or syphilis. That was back in the day…back when the Pill caused some really nasty side effects. Birth control has come a long way and so have the sexually communicable diseases. So too, has the number of sexual partners we can expect to have in our lifetimes. Condoms are sold in convenience stores, they are sold in grocery stores, even Wal-Mart has a formidable collection of all sorts of styles, colours and flavours. Allergic to latex? There are alternatives. What there is not, is any excuse for unprotected sex other than gross irresponsibility and obvious sexual immaturity.

If women took responsibility for their sexual behaviour then it would go without saying that the vast majority of abortions would not be performed. While paying for an abortion may cause a woman some financial discomfort, not helping her to mature as a sexual being, by making these procedures free and easy to obtain, is doing her and the rest of society a great disservice. Someone who cannot fathom the connection between STDs and sex should not be indulging in the latter. The cost of an abortion is nothing compared to the cost of palliative care when Aids hits or the lifelong purchase of medications to keep the symptoms of Herpes at bay.

NoteTo any male who feels that he has the right to decide whether or not his sexual partner is permitted an abortion?  Stuff yourselves; you gave up that right the minute you ejaculated without a condom. I may not believe in abortion but I certainly don’t believe that a man has any right to decide what a woman does with her body.  It ain’t you carrying around that baby for 9 months, it ain’t you going through labour and if statistics have any truth to them at all?  It sure as hell ain’t you paying and raising that child.  Don’t want your girlfriend to have an abortion?  Buy condoms otherwise, shut the hell up.

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