The Fall of Catholicism

  Vatican child abuse reforms anger victims

Nick Pisa, The Daily Telegraph: Monday, May 16, 2011

Victims of pedophile priests reacted with dismay Monday after new guidelines from the Vatican insisted bishops, rather than the police, should deal with child abuse cases in the first instance.

A document drawn up by Cardinal William Levada, the head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, concludes the responsibility for dealing with child abuse cases within the Church “belongs in the first place to bishops”.

In the past, there have been repeated accusations of cover-ups by the Church and bishops have been found to have shielded child abusers.

The Vatican claimed that the document, to be circulated to all clergy worldwide, was “an important new step” to cleanse the Church of recurring child abuse scandals.

“This document is simply meaningless words – they have been forced to act but it is not enough,” said Marco Lodi Rizzini, a spokesman for an Italian victim-support group. “The Vatican has said it will co-operate with the authorities before, but only because it has been forced to.”

Mr Rizzini pointed to a case that has recently emerged in the northern Italian city of Genoa, in which a 50-year-old priest has been arrested by police investigating a drugs and sex ring. Though Church leaders suspended Father Riccardo Seppia, there were claims the Vatican had been warned of his behaviour. Piercarlo Casassa, a retired priest, said: “I told the Church about him in 1994 but was ignored. I told them he was not the right person to have around youngsters.”

Maeve Lewis, of the One in Four support group in Dublin, welcomed the new guidelines but said bishops had little expertise or experience in recognizing child abuse. “It is not acceptable that reporting an allegation is at the discretion of a bishop,” she said.

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Really? What can you say?! It is almost, ALMOST, sad to watch. One of the most powerful and historic corporations self-destructing, circling the bowl with the rest of the turdies, as it should be. This is historic, folks. We are fortunate enough to be witnessing a monumental implosion here. A corporation whose sole purpose was to control and manipulate millions of lives, finally, being exposed. The souls of their victims may, hopefully, rest easy in the future as the Roman Catholic church finally gets their just desserts. Gives us all hope that no corporation, regardless of how untouchable they believe themselves to be, can be brought down by truth.

These men truly believe they are still above the law. They behave as if this is the 1500’s and the government, the laws of sovereign countries do not apply to them. Child molestation, child rape is a crime. A punishable by law, crime. Bishops have absolutely no legal standing in any country except their little island of perversion and depravity – Vatican City. Countries need to bring these bastards to justice, countries need to tell the Vatican to take their policy and stow it where the sun doesn’t shine. Show the Vatican that this is 2011, not 1511 and they have no power, anywhere, anymore. Here’s a thought, start taxing the land where churches stand, use the funds to aid the victims of these animals. Of these criminals.

Christian fundies are, forever, trying to find their anti-christ; Ayotallah was chosen for a while, then it was Saddam, Bin Laden also made the short list. I propose that the anti-christ is not a person, at all but a thing. A corporation, a legal entity populated by misogynist, child molesting criminals with a former member of Hitler Youth at its head table. I wonder how many of those good Catholic dupes know that the money they put in the church’s coffers, the money they pay to light a candle helps to move child molesters from parish to parish, devastating lives as they go?

As a Pagan, I don’t believe in the devil or the anti-christ but if ever I need an analogy? The Roman Catholic church is absolutely perfect.

Intelligent Catholics are leaving the church, a few heavily damaged personalities will never leave, made so fearful of the lies told to them but by and large, intelligence is beginning to lead the way to the dissolution of this criminal organization. I fervently hope that I am able to watch the final destruction in my life time. I want to leave this mortal coil comforted in the knowledge that these men will never manipulate or harm another living soul.

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