Mother’s Day

I have a different approach to Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day, I think of all the things my sons have brought to my life. All the joys, the sorrows, the uphill struggles and the downhill thrills (Westwood and the snow flyer things comes immediately to mind) these three buttnuts have given to me over the years.

The middle of the night calls from emergency…hockey sticks meeting head incidents…eating a cookie on the way home from Ottawa and NOT asking about the ingredients.. I swear, we should have our own seats in the emergency rooms of several hospitals and clinics.

Building tents out of furniture, potato chip sandwiches (That still makes me want to gag!) The school plays, the football, hockey, rugby and wrestling matches…finding out that 6’10 tattoo’d dude was going to wrestle my 15 year old, 5’9 child… I’m still trying to figure out the rules (lack thereof) in rugby, fun to watch – would have been more fun if I understood it 😉 And our wee defenseman, nicknamed the “Rottweiler” – never afraid to go “into the corners.”

Sharing their happiness, feeling my own heart break when theirs were broken as will happen in life…you can’t protect them from everything. Watching as three chubby babies grew into incredibly intelligent young men, making their way in the world with morals, with ethics and above all, with heart. I am so grateful for them, bringing their friends into our lives, as well. Some are as close to us as any member of the family now. AL!!! PUT THE DAMN CELL PHONE AWAY!! Chris? You drive me right round the bend. Tina. Phil. Guido. Lisa, Jess. And of course, without Kyle? We wouldn’t have Chico!

On Mother’s Day (although I do celebrate my boys every day) but on Mother’s Day, I think about them, all they have brought to my life, to Dave’s life and I’m thankful for being given the awesome gift of the three of them. There is nothing in life that will ever bring me more than has brought to me by these 3 characters.

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