Ignatieff, Go Home.

“We will invest in quality, affordable child care for every young family that needs it. We will help every family with the costs of college or university, so your kids can be ready for the jobs of tomorrow. We will help families take time off from work to look after sick loved ones at home. We’ll strengthen universally accessible health care for all, and build on the Canada Pension Plan so everyone can retire in security and dignity. We’ll also have a new tax credit to help with the up-front costs of renovations to make your home more energy-efficient.”

How lover-ly. How wonderful! But excuse me, Mr. Ignatieff? Exactly how are the Liberals going to pay for all of this? Our economy, is barely holding its own. So where is the money going to come from? I have yet to hear. Is there a money tree you aren’t telling us about, you little devil?!

Or is that money tree to be found in my wallet? There is no money Mr. Ignatieff. If we are working through deficits, how can there be money when we are already in the negative? I don’t know where you learned your concepts of accounting but I can tell you that when you are working in a deficit, this means a negative balance, sir. It means there is no money with which to work, unless you are planning to increase that negative balance until we are in the same boat as Greece, as Portugal.

It is a simple question, Mr. Wannabe Prime Minister. Very simple. Where are you going to get this money to pay for these money sucking programs and plans?

Not the “corporations” that left wingers so love to vilify. Raise their taxes and they’re gone. Taking jobs and middle class tax money with them. The rate of unemployment would sky rocket. Then what? Hand the helm back to the Conservatives to fix the problems you’ve created? Seems to be the Liberal way.

I don’t want to pay any more money for these programs than I am already forced to do. We can’t afford your programs. We have to fix our economy first and we can’t do it when we continue to add to a negative balance by government playing Nanny to the populace. Go back to the States. Before you drive us deeper in the hole.

And stop trying to use women’s issue to garner a few votes; it’s disgusting. We aren’t that stupid.

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