I truly believe that this man is Canada’s best hope to survive with a strong economy. I don’t know that I like the guy but I don’t have to like him. We are on different sides of the religious fence, for sure but religion has no place in politics. And his hair cut does need some help…He doesn’t have Trudeau’s charisma but very few people do.

The man understands how to run the country. Yes, he may well appear dictatorial but when hard decisions have to be made, there isn’t time to sit around in polite discussion by committee. That’s the Liberal way and one of the reasons we are in the state that we are in. Economically and politically. I don’t want a warm and cuddling Prime Minister. I don’t want a Prime Minister who makes promises at the expense of my salary. I don’t want a Prime Minister who panders to special interest groups. I want a Prime Minister that will govern the country, that will increase our economic opportunities not drive us further and further into debt.

I find that far too many people want a free ticket. They’ll vote Liberal, NDP and heaven forbid…Green Party because of the lovely promises made – a chicken in every pot, a social program with lots of $$$ for all. What these people seem to forget is that money is not lying around, waiting to be picked up and spent, like a drunken Liberal. Someone has to pay for it. And with the Liberals, with the NDP and the (shudder) Green Party, that someone is you and that someone is me. Not corporations. They won’t stick around if their taxes are raised. Why the hell should they? They aren’t in the social charity business. They’ll simply tear down their tents and move to India, to Thailand, to Indonesia – anywhere but here. Take a look around, it happened before, under the Liberals. Head offices started to outsource. They outsourced because it was too damn expensive to operate in Canada with the taxes and financial obligations heaped on them by the Liberals.

Do I trust Mr. Harper? I don’t trust any politician. I choose through common sense – with my head, not my heart or some fantasy idea of what a party will do for me, by way of social programs. I don’t want the government in my life, any more than it is already. I want a government that will govern the country, not act as a Nanny State. Tolling out cakes and cookies to keep the populace happy. I am happy when I’m working and looking after myself. I am happy when my taxes don’t go up to pay for people who don’t feel that they have the responsibility to look after themselves.

We do need social programs but we need those programs to target those who truly need the help. The elderly, the sick, the infirm – physical or psychologically infirm. We don’t need programs that dole out money to people who are too lazy or too greedy to budget and live within their means. If a family can afford two vehicles, a home in the ‘burbs and vacations “away” then they don’t require subsidies for education or parental leave. Re-assess social welfare. Re-assess prisons and the potential work force found inside those walls. Why pay some unionized buttnut $25.00 an hour to clean up the sides of highways? Give those criminals something to do aside from coming up with new ways to avoid getting caught the next time.

Enough is enough. If we are to continue to survive this global economic crisis? Then we need to understand that the gravy train has not only de-railed, it blew up. It isn’t up to the government to look after our families, pay our way. It is up to us. This country wasn’t built on social programs. It was built through hard work, through trial, through blood, sweat and tears. We are the most coddled and weak civilization to ever come along, in history. If the entire technological and social structures fell apart tomorrow? This country would be doomed.

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