I was asked my opinion on an article that appeared in the National Post, a pro-Palin article.

As a Canadian, I am the first to admit that I don’t feel I know enough about the issues in the States to comment on her performance as a Republican. I also don’t really understand U.S. politics. I should begin to research more as it seems our Canadian politicians are headed down the U.S. highway of political shenanigans.

The article raised a question in my mind; what impact has Palin actually had on feminism? From my northern, non-U.S. citizen point of view? Little to none actual impact. If any? She strengthened the resolve of feminists.

Fielding her as a candidate for the Vice-Presidency was, if anything, ill-advised. Palin was simply not prepared for the exposure nor was she properly schooled in the art of political campaigning. What worked in Wasilla, what flew in Alaska will not, necessarily maintain air speed in the rest of the United States. The forces behind her, should have known that. The Democrats couldn’t have wished for a better opponent to Biden. She was a wild card and her nature managed to nullify any chance of her holding the office of V.P. at that time. She was too honest about her own points of view. She was unable to temper them. Bottom line? She didn’t know when to shut up.

Her tendency to speak off-the-cuff often put me in mind of George W. A good lot of the time, what came out of their mouths caused the cringe effect.

The anti-Palin media’s labeling her as a Mama Grizzly was also ill-advised, if not downright stupid. Most mothers are Mama Grizzlies. I know that where my children are concerned? I would consider that a compliment. I had a very hard time finding any unbiased reporting on Sarah Palin. I wonder if there is such a thing as unbiased journalism anymore or have all the news outlets been bought and paid for by special interest and lobby groups, much like the United States government representatives in Washington.

Much attention was focused on Palin’s family – her pregnant and unmarried daughter caught a lot of attention, most of it negative. That’s yellow journalism in my view. Dirty, nonsensical gossip. So the girl was pregnant? Big deal, what does that have to do with the issues of the country? Focus on Palin’s penchant for hunting. And? A good lot of Alaska’s population hunts. I don’t see it as a sport but that’s neither here nor there because it has nothing to do with the major issues facing the United States.

All in all though? I don’t think Sarah Palin is even a blip on the map of feminism. She was a flash in the pan. The flash may yet, again, spark up but if folks are really opposed to what the Republicans stand for, politically? Put the flash out by voting. The only way women’s rights are at issue or in danger is if women, themselves, allow it to happen. We are only victims if we permit ourselves to wear that mantle.

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