So PETA stands up for the ethical treatment of animals?

The real truth is far from that. Ask yourself, where was PETA when this occurred?

This travesty happened in Colorado. Not in some far off place and it continues to happen; in the U.S. and in Canada, most notably the seat of the country’s government – Ontario.

Do you donate to PETA? Then you are as guilty as the people who committed the atrocity pictured here because PETA euthanizes animals that have the horrible misfortune of coming under their care.

While these beloved family pets are being slaughtered simply because of their breed and for no other reason, ask yourself when did you hear PETA shout out about this? The answer would be “Never” because they are perpetrating the same crimes in their facility in Virginia.

PETA doesn’t want people to have animal companions. They don’t want people to share their homes with birds, the popular smaller rodents, reptiles, amphibians and even fish would be verboten if PETA had their way.

They want all medical testing on animals to cease, even at the cost of human lives. Medications that can save a cancer patient, someone suffering from Aids, diabetes, all the diseases that plague mankind – testing would be stopped if PETA had their way. Testing on animals is a necessary evil. There is no other way, PETA lies. And yet, while they beat their breasts for the poor lab animals, most of whom receive better care than the majority of their human brethren on this good earth, they euthanize harmless cats and dogs. For no reason other than it is too expensive to house and see them adopted out.

Their spokesperson? Pamela Anderson? Drives a Viper with all leather interior. Those sacks on her chest that imitate real breasts? Tested on animals. The hair colour? Tested on animals. The make-up? Again, tested on animals. The collagen and BOTOX? Tested on animals.

Do you donate to PETA and abhor animal testing? Do you wear make-up or use shampoo? Do you use soap? Deodorant? Mousse or hair spray? All of these things are tested on animals before put on the market. You know those labels that proclaim the company does not test its products on animals? It is true, they don’t. They CONTRACT the testing out to specialized labs. They have to do this otherwise their products would not be approved for the marketplace. So keep that in mind the next time you write a cheque to PETA, as you dash out of the house to have your nails or hair done.

Should puppy mills be banned? Absolutely. Dog fighting? Without a doubt, it should be halted and huge jail terms imposed. Should the sale of animals be prohibited in “pet stores?” Definitely. Should the sale of animals through such online market places as EBay, Craig’s List or Kiijjii be stopped as well? That’s a no-brainer – of course it should be stopped. Want an animal companion of some sort, go to a REPUTABLE breeder.

If you aren’t a responsible, reputable breeder, for the love of all that’s good? Have your companion spayed or neutered, immediately. Do you want any animal winding up under the “care” of PETA? To be euthanized simply because he/she exists? If you can’t afford the operation, then perhaps you should have thought more clearly about the responsibilities of owning an animal. Adopt a dog or cat, from a no-kill shelter – most of them have these creatures spayed and neutered already.

Take a good, long, hard look at these photos and remember them as you write out that cheque for PETA. Remember their statistics and their oh-so-loud silence on the subject of Breed Specific Legislation.


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  1. Casey

    I do agree that PETA has many faults. What I do NOT agree with is your views on animal testing. Animal testing isn’t nessacary at all. There is no law that requires a product be tested on animals in order to make it to the market. These animals in testing labs are worse off than animals in the slaughterhouse. They are poked,prodded and poisoned until their bodies simply can’t take it anymore. Yes, animal testing HAS been the cause for many vaccines and medical breakthroughs but that’s the past. We are in the age of technology and now animal testing is simply barbaric. There is technology out there that is cheaper,safer, and more accurate that testing on rats and rabbits. I’m not saying all of this in defense of PETA (because they sure don’t deserve it),I’m saying it so anyone that reads this article will not be fooled. Animal testing is wrong-just as wrong as euthenizing dogs and cats.

    • I’m afraid that the testing of drugs is required before new medications are permitted on the market. That testing is done on animals – is it right? No.
      Is it necessary? Yes.
      Technology is not as far advanced as you seem to think/wish it to be. The reaction of living tissue cannot be replicated by a computer. The reaction of a biological system can’t be mimicked, to any degree of certainty, by synthetic means.
      It is tragic reality but when it comes down to the wire, if I have to choose between the possibility of one of my loved ones surviving as a result of drugs tested on animals and their death – I will choose my family. I will be ever thankful for the sacrifice made by the animal but I will choose family.

      • Anonymous

        How about human testing? all these testing is for human use and consume, how about we actually take responsibility and test it ourselves? I really think is not fair for the animals. They don’t get treated as properly as you might think. They are literally torture. If only more money was spend for the animal to actually have proper treatment to endure and still have a happy life with all the testing going on then yes. But no, they just don’t care about the animal, they care about the money. Hopefully soon either people start caring more about lives than their pockets or technology advances far enough to stop the brutality.

      • Human testing IS the final stage before review. I am also well aware of what goes on in the research process. Unfortunately, this is all we have for now; as time goes on and technology improves, perhaps this will change. I don’t like it anymore than anyone else however, life is, sometimes, about harsh and seemingly unfair choices for the better good. If I was forced to choose between animal testing and the survival of a child with cancer through animal testing, survival of a brother or sister with diabetes, the cure of a parent with Alzheimer’s? The child, the sibling and the parent would always be my choice.

  2. Selling animals in a Petshop is a no, they are coming from all kind of mills, I would close all mills, there is no reason to buy a pet, dog or cat, there are so many in the shelter, than they did not be euthenized, but loved. I hate every human being who is using an animal because of stupidity, they have to have papers etc. stupid, an animal is there to love and give them care, and not to abuse, no drug testing, I do not use any makeup, who needs the other staff, you get old and you look with all this cutting around you like an old witch. I know a lady she had her face down, my, my, I am the same age, she is looking so ugly, when I saw her after many years, I was chocked, for whom face puffing, lips blowing, People are so immture and dumm, take your skin and use it for whatever, but leave the poor defenseless animals alone, I hate people who do not like animals, because they are very mean and nasty people.

    • Perhaps someone should show your post to Pamela Anderson, the spokeswoman for PETA who has had more cosmetic surgery than collectively done in most small towns. Her surgeries were all animal tested prior to acceptance. I’m fairly sure she isn’t about to give up the body modifications any time soon.

  3. Wowzers

    People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid rotten corporate criminals for animals since 1980

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