So? What’s New?

It’s February and I haven’t  been in here much.

Lots going on. I had surgery done on my left hand for Carpal Tunnel; stitches came out last Wednesday. This means I am forced to type with my right hand only. I’m a double hander so this is not easy…

The doctor has me off work until March 28th. This has given me TONS of time to catch up on the news – local and international; doesn’t exactly make for cheery reading.

I wonder if the Middle East has become the proverbial powder keg with a lit fuse. If Saudi Arabia goes next? We are all in very deep trouble. Those of you feeling so smug because you don’t own a vehicle or you own a Smart Car (now THERE’s an oxymoron)? Climb down from your holier than thou position because an oil crisis impact everything and everybody. The first indication is, of course, the cost of fuel. Ever consider how your tofu gets to the local market? It doesn’t simply appear. It is delivered by a not-so-smart vehicle that requires fuel. If the cost of fuel skyrockets, so will the cost of your tofu. It is called “The trickle-down effect.” Everything will rise in price, from your tofu to your toilet paper. The cost of heating will rise. Nothing will be spared.

Then, consider the human factor if you would. Civil unrest is not without huge casualties and disruption of all the country’s services. Civil unrest creates refugees. Refugees require asylum. Are we all prepared for the influx from the Middle East? Considering the vitriol I’ve seen, the answer would be a resounding “NO!”

Are we immune to this type of unrest? I would say that this would be a resounding “NO!” as well. I would think that our politicians should be eyeing their own populations very carefully. Unrest is a contagion.

A lot of folks are extremely unhappy with our (Canadian) governments, on all levels. The corruption is well known by all and the politicians are fooling no one. In my heart of hearts – I would love to see them all go down. Be left with nothing but that won’t happen because the money they have stolen from us all would be secreted away and untouchable. If the wheels fell off our democratic (cough, cough) wagon? They would simply, en masse, re-locate to sunny climes where their money is currently enjoying a tax free status.

Let’s see; ah yes – the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. In the news are they. Apparently they have become involved in a case that has made headlines and really should not have gone this far. A tragedy. A baby is dying. The parents want the child to die at home but are also requesting a surgical procedure be done so that the child is able to breathe on his own. Doctors are saying that the child will suffer but the parents, who have already lost a child to the same disease, disagree. The procedure would allow them to bring the child home, so that he could end his life among his family and not in a cold hospital. I see their point. I don’t see the doctors’ point.

I don’t like the Euthanasia Prevention people. People’s lives are nobody’s business but their own. If I had a terminal disease, if there was no hope and I would only be a burden to my family? I want the option to pull the plug, to down the pills or do whatever is necessary to end my OWN life. MY LIFE, not the E.P.C’s concern. It is the same deal with those Right to Life people. I don’t condone abortion. I don’t believe that in this new century of birth control and the absolute need for protection from potentially fatal STD’s that an unwanted pregnancy should happen. Don’t hand me “It just happened!” feeble excuse. IT JUST HAPPENED, only flew once and that was 2011 years ago. Even that one is up for furious debate. Pregnancy does NOT just happen. Anyway, whatever. If a woman finds herself in the position of being pregnant and is unwilling to go through to term, then that is truly HER choice. Whether or not I agree with it – whether or not churches or Right to Life groups agree with it, would be totally and completely irrelevant as our own bodies are not involved.

That’s it – my hand is tired.

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